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Monday, August 13, 2012

Best summer dish: Tomato Salad

With sunny days come shiny red, delicious tomatoes. It's the season for tomato salads. It's so simple and quick to prepare, fresh and juicy, and easy to digest, that I could eat one each day. Tomato salad is definitely my favorite summer time dish.

Ready in 10 minutes  

You need

  • a bunch of fresh tomatoes,
  • fresh onions,
  • mustard,
  • red wine vinegar,
  • olive oil,
  • salt and pepper.

For the sauce, I am using a variation of vinaigrette. Basically, vinaigrette is an emulsion of 1 volume of vinegar and 3 volumes of oil. I am always adding some mustard in my vinaigrettes to enhance the taste, and because the tomatoes will release a lot of juice, we will increase the amount of vinegar. The proportions does not have to be exact, you can always taste and correct the sauce as you like. Just make sure it is strong enough because of all the water that the tomatoes release.


  • put a large spoon of mustard in the salad bowl,
  • add two or three large spoons of vinegar and mix together,
  • add three or more large spoons of oil and whip into emulsion,
  • you can add salt and pepper as you wish.


  • cut the tomatoes into 8 pieces (remove the hard greenish part),
  • slice the fresh onions,
  • add everything in the salad bowl on the top of the sauce,
  • toss the salad and you are ready!

Tomato salad

The best part ♥

Once you have been eating the salad, you will see that the bottom of the salad bowl is full of juice from the tomatoes and the sauce. This is the most delicious part. Dip pieces of fresh bread in the sauce and enjoy!

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